Peeled Products

Low strain semi-finish products to be applied for the wide range applications

Neither surface defect nor internal stress products as the surface skin of the bar material is peeled off.
We are operating high speed bar turning machine and in-line straightening machine so that we can produce high accurate products by keeping up immediately the deviation of the quality.

Products range

Diameter range 18mm - 80mm
Length range 2,800mm - 6,000mm
Diameter tolerance H10 - H12
Surface roughness better than 6S
  • Photography of the Peeled Bars
    Peeled Bars
  • Photography of the Peeled Tubes
    Peeled Tubes
  • Photography of the Applications

Production Process

Process of the Coil to Bar

1-2 mm depth of surface skin is peeled off so that the products can be neither surface defects nor surface de-carbonised zone

The peeled surface can be smoothened and the tolerance of diameter and the straightness can be improved

Drawing Machine x 8
Bar Turning Machine x 3
2-Roll Straightening Machine x 3