CHQ Wire Products

Challenge to the unlimited target

We are able to guarantee the defect free and high quality cold drawn wire rod products by our modern annealing furnace with high re-productivity and defect free drawing facilities.
We are operating the biggest drawing machines in Japanese in order to comply with the various demands from our customers.

Products range

Diameter range 5mm - 45mm
Coil weight 500kg - 2,000kg
Coil Inner Diameter 600mm - 1,100mm
Shape Round, Square, other shapes
  • Photography of Wire rods
    Wire rods to meet with the required mechanical properties for the forming process
  • Photography of bolts
    Various products manufactured by forming machine, like bolts, studs,and torsion-bar.
  • Photography of torsion-bar

Production Process

In-Line Eddy Current Testers are laid out in order to inspect the surface defects in the full length of products.

Process of the CHQ Products
Drawing Machine x 8
Roller Hearth Furnace x 8
Automatic Pickling Line x 2